Trip to Columbia, MO.



Last month, we spent a few days at my brother’s new house, helping him unpack and make it a “home.”  His wife wouldn’t be joining him until a few months later, so he was staying at his new house on his own, while he began obtaining his doctorate and she finished her contract with her employer.
These are very late and spuratic photos.
All in all, it was a great time.  The kids had fun and spent a few days with Freddie that they will always remember.

Fair warning: this post isn’t going to be very interesting (not that most are.) This is more of a “scrapbook moments” for us to look back on personally and see what we were  up to in 2014. 🙂


A quick visit to the Kansas City Children’s Mercy Hospital proved that Natali’s “ringworm like rash” was nothing serious. It will go away on its own.


Once they made her strip down to her skivvies and put on the gown, she started freaking out.
They didnt’ do much…just a very close visual exam, to note any areas of concern.

After all the hoopla at the doctor’s office, we went to Toys R Us to give the kids a bit of a break from driving.
Bear Boy found a little summin’-summin’ to add to his Christmas list. So- feel free to pick this up on your next shopping trip. You’d really make the little guys day. 🙂



Once we reached Freddie’s house, we were welcomed with this:

Which me and my mom somehow magically turned into this:


While Freddie and the kids did a whole bunch of this:







FYI: That is not a naked pillow fight happening right there. The weirdo was wearing more than just socks.




The following day, Freddie had to go to his office on the University of Missouri campus. He will spend the next 4 years there, getting his doctorate. Not too shabby for a guy who was not supposed to ever function as a normal person again. (More on that story another day.)

He will be teaching a couple of days a week and attending classes the other days. He showed me around his office, classrooms, buildings and the main parts of campus. It was a beautiful campus but reminded me why I never want a higher education. Too much flippin’ walking!


The best part was probably getting to see Thomas Jefferson’s original tombstone.

Freddie, hanging out with Tommy J.




The following day, we went downtown to do some shopping. The girls were so impressed with the benches lining the street that they wanted their pics taken.

True country girls, right there.



  It was a great week and I think only 1,487 people asked me if my kids “schooled” while we were “running around.”




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